Sunday, April 27, 2008

Snow Peas and Lettuce

I planted a few things in the garden today.  Just snow peas, parsley, brussels sprouts and lettuce have gone in the ground so far.  It seems to me that we have had a really warm Spring so far.  I am looking forward to my garden this year.  My husband and I rent an upstairs apartment from his Aunt and Uncle.  They have a small farm and a produce stand.  They also raise pigs and chickens.  I really enjoy living on the farm though.  There is so much going on this time of year.  I also help support the barn cats -- they go through a lot of food and there just aren't enough rodents to go around.  They bring me joy though.  
Anyway, Mary and Dave are letting me use a plot of their garden for my own stuff.  I'm really excited about getting our own property someday.  I intend to plant asparagus and berry bushes, fruit and nut trees, and hopefully create a morel mushroom patch.  I really think that everyone should plant some food plants in their yard.  There is so much fertile soil in the U.S. that goes to waste - or worse yet - chemically maintained grass.  There are so many reasons to eat locally.  I do my fair share of buying food that was imported and not grown organically, so I'm not trying to criticize anyone for that.  But to waste an opportunity to put a seed in your yard and save a trip to the grocery store in a couple of months is just silly.  

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