Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's getting closer

Our move date is getting closer and closer.  We had hoped to have the keys this weekend, but never got the call from the seller.  Perhaps she is moving the last of her stuff this weekend.  This calls for a "drive-by".
I am faced with a weekend full of packing and sorting.  I really need to get rid of some stuff.  It is silly that I have so much.  A lot of it comes from my hobbies.  I have so much photography stuff - enough for my own darkroom (which is an option now that I have a house to build one in), yet I don't know if I ever will.  I have tie-dye supplies galore, yarn, fabric, beads, glass to make beads -- you get the idea.   I don't horde things, but I definitely fit in the "Pack Rat" category.  Anyway, I guess my point is -- it is hard for me to let go of some of this stuff.  Especially the stuff that has memories attached.
I know we are just moving 10 miles away, but I am already starting to miss the farm.  It has been so amazing living here!  We have been so lucky to be able to stay here for the last 4 years.  I'm going to miss Dave and Mary, their beautiful garden, and the barn cats.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just a quick update

No photos for this post -- which is kind of rare for me.  I felt the need to post an update on the house.
We closed last Tuesday and every thing went smoothly.  We met the seller and she is an extremely kind woman.  She let us know that she was trying to move out quicker than 30 days and that she knew we would be anxious to move in.  She had a garage sale this weekend and is calling the Salvation Army to pick up the things that didn't sell.  We went this past Saturday to the sale (I had asked her to reserve a wood stove and some bushel and peck baskets that I had spotted during the inspection) and she informed us that she hoped to be finished moving by the end of this week.  We are, of course, looking forward to moving into the house.  We are just faced with the joys of moving everything we own from one place to another (I intend for this to be my last move for a very long time).
I apologize for the lack of blog posts recently and in the near future.  Once we are settled in I will be sure to post more frequently.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Abstract art

Is this abstract art?  No, it is just a mess.  These are the seeds from a wild asparagus plant I had gathered from the ditch down the street.  I've been saving seeds from the garden this year.  I'm excited to have my own patch of asparagus soon.
We are going to the closing on our house on Tuesday!!!  It is finally happening.  I was starting to worry we wouldn't get it done before the deadline for the first time home buyers credit.  I drove by the house today and they have a "SOLD" sign up.  How wonderful!!!
This means we should be able to move in over the first weekend of November.  I have much to do between now and then.  It is very exciting.