Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stalking the Wild Asparagus

I have been reading an interesting book called Stalking the Wild Asparagus by Euell Gibbons (the Grapenuts spokesman back in the day).  I am really enjoying it.  It talks about all the different wild foods out there that most people pass up -- like cattails, acorns, wild berries, etc.  
Charlie and I have been going out on the weekend and hunting for asparagus.  It is a fun hobby to have.  We don't really save money or anything because of the gas we use to find the vegetable.  It just feels good to be able to have that direct link to your food source.  People are so far removed from where our food comes from.  Ever since humans first walked on earth they have either hunted or gathered or grown their own food.  Now we go to a job and do something totally unrelated to our own survival so we can get some money to buy some food that has been shipped in from who-knows-where and served in a Mc-wrapper.  Kids don't even know what meat is.  If they did I bet there would be more vegetarian kids out there.
Anyway, I think I will make some asparagus soup with this last batch we found.  I included a photo I shot of what wild asparagus looks like if anyone wants to try.  I would suggest getting the book from the library though for more insight as to where to look.  Basically we drive down the road near farmers fields and look along the top of the ditch between the road and the field.  They are usually along the edge of the ditch.  It is almost impossible to see the small ones so you have to look for a mature stalk that has already branched out and then look around the base for small stalks.  Also, if you find one, look around for the dead plant from last year.  Once you get an eye for the dead ones, you can spot those in the ditch and check to see if new ones are coming up.  


Amy said...

What a neat idea! That sounds like a fun book. Those are the things that I feel that we miss out on living in the city.

I love asparagus!! Except that it makes my pee stinky :)

I am so glad that you blog. I love your posts...

heidibelle said...

That is too cool... I love living off the land. When we head back to Mali I hope to get chickens and do composting and gardening. I do some gardening now, but not too much.