Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vacation with Mom

My wonderful 2 week vacation is almost over.  It went so quickly!  Here are some photos I shot while my mother and I went out together on Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday, we went to the Lake Michigan shore and into Saugatuck, MI.  We also went to a large winery in Fennville.  

On Tuesday we went to Shipshewana in Indiana.  If you are not familiar with it, there is a large amish community there.  We drove through the countryside and also went to several stores.  Oh, and we even went to an amish garage sale.  

On Wednesday, Mom had set up a surprise for me in the AM for my birthday.  Then we spent some time with my grandma at the craft store and getting coffee.  We had my favorite pizza for dinner.  It was a nice birthday.  I spent an extra night so that I could go out for coffee with my dad the next day.
Thursday I spent the day in the garden planting all of the perennials that Mom had sent home with me from her own garden.  The sun coaxed some freckles out.  Friday I ran some errands and yesterday I spent most of the day making strawberry freezer jam.  So far, today, nothing is going on.  I'm going to persuade Charlie to take me to a movie and celebrate my birthday (belated) today.  Then back to work tomorrow.  This vacation has me dreaming more and more about how to become self-employed... any ideas for me?

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Emily said...

stunning. some of these photos look like postcards.