Monday, July 5, 2010

Garlic scape pesto

I bought some garlic scapes at the farmers market this weekend.  I did some searching on-line to figure out what to do with them (I've never used them before).  Most of the sites recommended making a pesto with them.  Now I know why.  This stuff is amazing!

Cut off the flower part (don't use this part for the pesto) and cut the long green part into little pieces.  Throw them in the food processor (or blender if you are like me and haven't read the manual to your food processor yet) and chop it up into even smaller pieces.  I didn't have pine nuts on hand, but you would also chop them with the scapes at this point.  I only ended up with about 1/2 cup of scapes so I added some basil from the garden as well.  Slowly add in olive oil (about 3/4 cup oil for 1 cup of scapes) and blend some more.  Grate in some parmesan cheese.

Serve with pasta and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden.  I think it would be really good on a pesto-based pizza too.  

I'm really happy I tried garlic scapes.  I've found a new seasonal favorite while supporting a local farmer and putting my garden to good use.  It doesn't get any better than that.


Emily said...

cool! i haven't used scapes before either but i've heard a lot of buzz about them this year for some reason. you're so lucky you have ripe tomatoes already! i have a lot of green ones, still waiting and waiting...your garden looks fabulous, by the way.

Shari said...

Thanks Emily!!!

I have plenty of green tomatoes too. I bought one cherry tomato plant in a pot this Spring that already had flowers on it. The green house gave it a good head start. :)

FlowerMomma said...

Oh, I am totally making this for dinner!! I have garlic scape and tons of basil I have been meaning to figure out how to eat. So thank you! Isn't local eating in season just heavenly! I am so in love with food! We just had homemade pancakes with homemade raspberry jam for breakfast, amazing!

FlowerMomma said...

It was great! The kids all loved it too! Thanks for sharing! Now back to the kitchen to make zucchini brownies!

R Dean said...

That looks absolutely delectable!!! I'll have to tell my wife to check this...R Dean

Jeff Frazee said...

It looks like you lead a beautiful life... and a delicious one. Heidi made a steak au poivre vert the other day that was amazing! Usually we stick to stuff she can cook while changing diapers and breast-feeding at the same time. So it was an extra special treat to work in the kitchen together and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Keep up your wonderful and inspiring blog!