Monday, November 7, 2011

The New Coop and the Quiche Factory

This is the new 4'X6' chicken coop that the chickens are going to call home this winter.  In the photo above, you can see that it has a row of nesting boxes that are accessible from the outside.  On one end there is a window and a door for the chickens to enter and exit (with a ramp).  On the opposite sides are the door that I can enter through and as you can see in the photo below (left), a vent for warm weather.
I've placed their water on a crate and hung their food from one of the rafters to keep the bedding from getting kicked into them.  I may get a heated water dispenser for the cold -- but I'm not sure.  Does anyone have any experience with those?

The interior has a couple of roosts and plenty of room for the chickens to run around.  It has 6 nesting boxes -- many more than 7 chickens actually need.  Here, the chickens are excited about the pile of treats I gave them this weekend (apple slices and the last of the garden squash).  I call the chickens a "Quiche Factory".  They are putting out a couple of eggs a day -- brown, fresh, and so tasty!

This is Ruby.  She is my most aggressive chicken at this point.  She comes right up to me to try to grab any treats I might have in my hands -- and she often ends up chomping on my fingers instead.  She is at the top of the pecking order from what I can tell.  She is a pretty chicken though and as long as she lays eggs and doesn't hurt the other ladies she can stick around.


The Weekend Homesteader said...

What a georgeous coop. My ladies would think they are on vacation.

Neo-Homesteading said...

So beautiful! I wish I had some chickens. I buy so many eggs its crazy! To have chickens of our own would be spectacular! Beautiful birds!

starlighthill said...

That is one, fantabulous chicken palace. It is also not a stretch to expect that these "uptown girls" would eat their treats from a plate. I love, love, love their new home.

Shari said...

Candace -- thank you. Perhaps I should start a chicken resort... luxury chicken boarding?
Cat -- Come on over and cook something amazing for me and I will give you all the eggs you want! I'll tell the ladies you complimented them. ; )
Starlighthill -- LOL!!! The girls were eating from a paper plate because I couldn't carry all those treats outside in my hands -- I had to pile them onto a plate. Yes, they are spoiled -- but they aren't eating off of china yet. : )
Thanks all for your comments! Always appreciated!