Saturday, September 13, 2008

Above are some scenes from the Farmer's Market that I go to when I can

Dave and Mary on their tractor... and some of their flowers.
These are two of the barn kitties we have this year.  The Mama has finally started to bring them around.  I believe there are three total.  This was shot in the upper storage area of the barn.  They ran and hid as soon as the flash on my camera went off.  They are too cute though, don't you think?


heidibelle said...

Those kitties are cute! Hey Shari... we are coming out to Michigan in November. We would love to see you. Do you have any time you could hang out? How long of a drive is it to your place from Hudsonville?

FlowerMomma said...

What a beautiful time of year! I know it means winter is coming, but I love fall! those kitties are soooo cute! Miss you!

Susan said...

what lovely autumn harvest photographs !
and sweet kittens too.

cheers from Nova Scotia