Sunday, September 21, 2008

Officially Autumn

I guess it is official now.  Autumn is here.  Fall is my favorite season.  I love harvest time and the beautiful colors on the trees.  I like a cup of hot cider and a warm sweatshirt.  The only thing I dislike about Autumn is that Winter comes too quickly after it.  I got up this morning and took a few photos around the farm again.  Here are some soybeans...
And there goes Uncle Dave to pick some corn.  In the front of the image are decorative squash and pumpkins.  Then tomatoes and corn.  Then beyond that soybeans.
If the pigs only knew what was in store for them, they would figure out a way to hop the short fence.  They are getting big and it won't be long... : (  
And here is Mama cat (notice her extra toes - so cute) and her three babies.  They are still very shy.  They didn't know I had snuck up on them while they were eating the food I set out for them.  Mama seems to trust me quite a bit.  She went on the walk with me this morning around the farm - meowing the whole way.  She just wanted me to give her some real meat.  She persuaded me to give her something good.  I grabbed a bag of frozen shrimp that Charlie wasn't going to eat and thawed them and tossed them down to her and the babies.
Now I am going to clean the apartment up a bit.  Then the fun part of my day.  I have to pack my bags and get ready to go on vacation.  Charlie and I are taking separate vacations this year.  They just didn't line up right.  He went with his family to Minnesota for their family reunion (and a few casinos along the way).  I miss him and feel awfully lonely right now.  He gets back tomorrow night and then I leave Tuesday morning (after working 7AM-8PM on Monday - yuck).  I am going up north to Traverse City and Petoskey with my Mom.  We used to do these trips every summer when my Dad and brother went to Oshkosh, WI for an air show.  Since I got married, we haven't really done anything like that so this ought to be fun.  I will take lots of photos and blog when we get back.  
By the way, thanks to everyone who leaves comments on my blog.  I always appreciate your feedback on my photos or what I write about, even if I don't always reply to your comments.  Sometimes it is just nice to know who is reading this.  I hope you all enjoy Autumn as much as I do.  Have a great week!


Susan said...
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Susan said...

Oops ! thought I accidently left my comment twice and deleted it by mistake.

That calico kitten is a beauty ! sweet.
cheers from Nova Scotia, Susan.

Shari said...

She sure is a cutie. It is nice to get a different one for a change. We mostly have grey tiger or black ones around here. Thanks for taking time to visit!

Melissa said...

have a wonderful vacation! And yes, when Heidi comes into town, we really all ought to try to get together. It would be so much fun!