Friday, December 26, 2008

It' a Wonderful Life


and after...
Sassy loves to lay on the floor like this all the time.  The first photo was on Christmas Eve and the second is after all the gift opening at our place.  She loved having my family over because of all the extra attention she gets from them.  I loved having them over as well.  Thankfully the roads were OK for them.  It warmed up to above freezing and things were a little sloppy outside -- but they were safe.  We met for an early dinner along with Charlie's folks and an Aunt and Uncle.  After dinner we toured the beautiful lights in Frankenmuth and at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.  Gorgeous!  We got them checked into the hotel and then came back to my place for coffee/tea.  Grandma opened a Birthday gift -- I would be bummed if my Birthday landed around Christmas time.  I suppose she is used to it.  She is 88 years old now.  Happy Birthday Grandma!

I got up early on Christmas and starting making breakfast.  I made a pretty big breakfast and most of it turned out well.  After breakfast we opened gifts.  This is my husband, Charlie.  He is happy because he got his Celtic Women CD (we gave him a little crap for liking them, but then we listened to them all afternoon -- they do have nice voices).  
This is my Dad -- wearing one of my tie-dye creations that he got last Christmas.  He is a walking advertisement for my tie-dyes if I ever manage to start a business.  He loves them and he pulls off the look pretty well.  Perhaps it is the pony tail or a slight resemblance to Jerry Garcia (I have other photos that show that resemblance better).  Who knows.  

This is my big brother taking a nap after the gift giving.  I think the Celtic Women put him to sleep.  He is using a blanket that he got from Mom and Dad.  

I didn't get any really good photos of Mom.  I'm bummed too because I meant to take some photos of the brooches and ear rings I made her to go with the wrap/scarf I had gotten for her.  I am having her send me some photos though so I can share with you what I made.  I'm actually quite proud of them.  
My family stayed until mid afternoon.  Charlie and I then went to his parents house.  As soon as we got there the Christmas gift unwrapping ensued.  They do it completely different that my family does.  We open one gift at a time and wait to see what each person got before the next person gets one.  The in-laws rip into them with gusto.  5 kids and 8 adults were done in less than 5 minutes!  It is chaotic and crazy.  The kids were happy though.  Here is Melissa with a new doll...

Brianna got a book -- and some bunny-ears from her Dad (Charlie's brother).

Lesleigh was enthralled with her new "laptop".  

We had a nice dinner.  Most folks were already stuffed from all the snacking throughout the day.
I just feel so blessed this year.  We have so much compared to everyone else on the planet.  We can freely celebrate the birth of Christ with our families -- we have no lack of food or clean water.  We live in peace (at least within our borders) and safety.  We can afford to give gifts to the ones we love.  There are always going to be things I want to change in the world or in my own life, but for now I am content.  I hope that you are as blessed as we are and wish you peace and prosperity for the new year!

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