Sunday, January 4, 2009

Photos from Grand Rapids

Some photos from my day and a half in Grand Rapids.  The first one was shot just for fun...
Then a couple of photos of the jewelry I made Mom for Christmas.  
Brooches and earrings...

Mom and I went to the new art museum in Grand Rapids on Saturday.  I had no idea they had a showing of my FAVORITE fashion photographer going on.  I'm a lucky gal!  It was fantastic!
Some of Mom's orchids...

It is icy out.  I'm getting ready to head back home right now.  Hopefully the roads aren't too bad. 

Meet Callie Jo -- the calico.  She is my family's cat.  She has been busy watching the birds outside.  She is gorgeous, but not real friendly.  She'd rather be left alone unless you have food for her (and she is picky too).  Pretty eyes though.

The weekend is about over now.  It was nice to see my family again even though it has only been a week and a half since Christmas.  Their home is so relaxing to me.


FlowerMomma said...

I am so glad you got to the Art Museum in time to see Richard Avedon. Wasn't it a great exhibition! I went twice, and isn't the new art museum very cool?

Sorry again that we missed you this weekend. Hopefully we'll catch up with you soon!

Shari said...

It was amazing! I like the look of the art museum -- very modern.

We will get together soon. I'll try to give a little more notice next time I visit.