Monday, January 12, 2009

Sticky Snow

The snow yesterday was very unusual.  It was sticking to everything and looked like a really heavy coating of frost.  You can see all the individual flakes if you look closely at the first photo.  It was absolutely gorgeous and turned a day of doing laundry and running a couple errands into a photo safari (It was also very cold and I shot every single one of these photos sitting in the comfort of my car -- just roll down the window and shoot).


rvanmc said...

Shari, Been trying to comment and having a problem getting ID. I'm not the best at this. But wanted to let you know that I really love reading your blog and enjoying the photos, too.

Tonight I was watching a couple of programs I had recorded and thought of you. Both programs were on PBS, one Sewing with Nancy. At the end of the program she told about organically grown cotton (Cotton grown 3 years without pesticides) and organic bamboo which has the feel of silk.

The other program was Creative Quilting (I think) and they were showing how to use photos in quilting and other projects. Really some great ideas. I could see your photos in some of the projects.

Here in CA, at least I don't think it's everywhere. There's a new law that says all home crafted items for childrens use must be tested for lead. It was intended for toys with paint, but the law was so poorly written that it includes all items homecrafted for children. A lot of people are very unhappy about that. I had had a couple of projects that I thought of making and selling, like the bibs, and felt booties, but guess I'll hold off for now, until I hear more.

Shari said...

Hi! I'm glad you are following my blog. : )
From what I have heard the toy law is nation-wide. It is very disappointing and many are opposed to it -- and fighting it. If it stands I won't be able to sell my tie-dye baby clothing (yet the parent can wear the clothing while holding the baby).
Just another stupid law we can thank the government for.

rvanmc said...

Glad you figured out who I am. As soon as I hit the send button, I thought, I didn't sign it. Been a long few days. Have started a beginning quilting class and backtracking a little - to learn the correct way to do thing, I hope, and a beginning knitting class. I actally learned how to cast on how your mom tried to show. Some things just take time I guess.
Good to hear from you,
A. Ruthann

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Breathtaking photos!You have a beautiful talent :)