Monday, August 24, 2009

Update on "our house"

So that house we loved -- we withdrew our offer on it today.  We are disappointed about the whole situation to be quite honest.  I feel that if something is meant to be, all the pieces will fall into place perfectly (or with relative ease - at least).  Things just weren't working out.  We were having issues getting the seller to disclose information about the septic drain field.  This past Saturday, we got together with our realtor to discuss things and look at 3 more homes.  One stuck out to us - we like it so much that we put an offer on it.  
Let's take a tour... first is the living room.  Gorgeous bay window, like-new carpet...

leads into the kitchen.  The pantry shown here is my favorite part of the home...
There are some very "retro" looking things about the home.  It was built in 1977 and has the original stove and fridge (also, one of the bedrooms has the original carpet/wall paper - but is still in good shape).  Actual, the whole home is in amazing condition and is immaculately clean.
The basement is dry and unfinished.  It has a lot of potential.
The home is a ranch, newer roof, attached garage.  The soil is sandy and only has pine trees and birch trees.  I was planning to have raised garden beds anyway...
This is a three car garage which would give us an incredible amount of storage space...
And here is a view of the backyard (the front yard is very similar - it slopes down toward the road).  The lot is 2 acres and is surrounded by woods.  The little building could be used as a chicken coop, but it needs some help as it is (has a large hole in the roof).  
We are excited about it.  Mainly, we'd like to finish the search for the perfect home.  Just like the other house we put an offer on, there are things that need to be done here -- but nothing needs to be done before we move in.  This home just needs updating when it comes to decor.  The other home needed carpet torn out, basement dried out and sealed, over haul of the barn, window replacements, etc.  
We feel really good about this one.  Hopefully everything works out -- and I'm sure it will if this is meant to be.  


R Dean "SlowDog" said...

Hey Shari!

Nice blog! I ran across it last night as I was perusing blogspot. After reading your last post, I wanted to share a parallel that we (my wife and I have) with you and your husband regarding pulling back an offer. We had a similar experience and you're right, if it is meant to be it is meant to be. The good news..we found something MUCH better and less expensive a month later! If you get a chance, check out our blog at, you'll be able to relate once you see the picture on my blog..guess who it is..hint..hint! :-) R Dean

Kim said...

Sorry to hear about the other house, but you're so right about "things should have fallen into place" if it truly was the right home for you!

This new place sounds lovely also!
Thanks for the update!
Love Ya's!

~Kim S.

Kelly said...

Hello Shari!

You know, this house has great bones! Once you have that, the rest is, well, I wouldn't say easy....but, having a great base to work with rocks!

Looking forward to finding out if this is "the one!" Kelly

Nomi said...

Hey there -

It took us at least a year to find our place. And several months to close!! And now we're in the 18th month of trying to get our plans through for the remodel. I feel your pain!

I will post some pics on my blog later today. I put ins sod all by myself in the back yard and got the pantry put back together thanks to the nephew-in-law ;)