Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn Harvest

I have been sticking fairly close to home this past week that I have had off of work.  It is hard to believe a vacation can fly by so quickly.  Yesterday I harvested some of the garden huckleberries.  I have way too many!  I only had two plants, but they are just full of fruit.  They both grew about 4 feet high and probably 6 feet in diameter.  I picked a large colander full and the plants both look like I never even touched them.  I've been researching how to process them and will write more on that when I do it.  They can also be washed and frozen, much like blueberries.  
While out in the garden I picked a few other things.  My first eggplant of the year, broccoli, hot and sweet peppers, and tomatoes.  Oh, and a couple summer squash.  I also harvested some seeds (from my beans, peppers and cilantro, aka coriander).  
With the pumpkin patch out behind the house this year, there has been a little traffic for the u-picks for the last week or so.  Thus the quaint signs pointing the way. 
Detour around the pigs on your way to some of the pumpkins.  They are getting quite large nowadays.  Like Mom said, if they knew what was good for them, they'd go on a diet.  Last year's batch survived to Oct. 30th.  I'm guessing this year's pigs will see a similar fate.
No news on the house yet.  The mortgage gal wrote today saying she is just waiting for the appraisal to come back to her.  I'm still packing and sorting things.  
I was tempted to make a trip to Grand Rapids today, but opted to stay home.  I've got stuff I should be doing around here.  Should is the key word -- guess I should get off the computer and stop procrastinating. 


Bob said...

I tried to comment earlier but I don't think it got through.
I think some of those huckleberries could probably make it to Grand Rapids if you wrapped them in a pie crust and drove real careful. I'd hate to see you have to feed them to the raccoons.
I really do love your camera. Shoots great pics. Your pics look good enough to eat.


Shari said...

That is too funny! I will have to see what I can do about that... do they make gluten free pie crusts?
Some of the recipes they show on-line are for a sweet topping. They say it is good on ice cream or waffles, etc. They also said that is what they put inside the pie. Perhaps I could make some of that and bring it over in a couple of jars. I'm probably coming over in a couple of weeks...

I like my camera too. Just wish I had more interesting subject matter.