Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend

This past weekend, Mom and my brother came over for a visit.  We had a nice time.  Mom and I spent time shopping together and having coffee.  We walked around the garden and the farmer's market and took a nice cruise in her convertible.
It is beginning to look like Autumn -- just in time for the Equinox.  Most of the trees are still green, but the weeds are turning yellows and oranges.  The pumpkin plants are dying back, revealing some big beautiful gourds this year.  The weather has been cooperating.  We even made a small bonfire and all sat around it -- listening for coyote and watching the barn cats' antics.
I also wanted to give an update on the house situation.  We are still working on it at this time.  We have had a few frustrating moments with making sure all the paperwork is in order.  I think we have everything we need now.  We are just still waiting for the appraisal and closing.  I am getting anxious and have started packing some of the things that we don't use often.
I have this week off of work and plan on enjoying myself the best I can while getting more things packed and also going to the dentist and taking Sassy in for a rabies update.  I will try to blog more this week.

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June said...

Oooh, I want to hear more about the new house! Anticipation...

Looks like a lovely fall weekend...