Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's getting closer

Our move date is getting closer and closer.  We had hoped to have the keys this weekend, but never got the call from the seller.  Perhaps she is moving the last of her stuff this weekend.  This calls for a "drive-by".
I am faced with a weekend full of packing and sorting.  I really need to get rid of some stuff.  It is silly that I have so much.  A lot of it comes from my hobbies.  I have so much photography stuff - enough for my own darkroom (which is an option now that I have a house to build one in), yet I don't know if I ever will.  I have tie-dye supplies galore, yarn, fabric, beads, glass to make beads -- you get the idea.   I don't horde things, but I definitely fit in the "Pack Rat" category.  Anyway, I guess my point is -- it is hard for me to let go of some of this stuff.  Especially the stuff that has memories attached.
I know we are just moving 10 miles away, but I am already starting to miss the farm.  It has been so amazing living here!  We have been so lucky to be able to stay here for the last 4 years.  I'm going to miss Dave and Mary, their beautiful garden, and the barn cats.

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Amy said...

Big change is always bittersweet for me, especially moving. I always go through a period of being homesick, even if the new place is so rad!

Good luck on your move :)Glad to hear that everything went so smoothly with your home purchase, congrats!!!