Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm back

Finally, I'm able to post a blog again.  We've been busy moving and getting settled in to the new place.  We are having trouble finding internet service also... currently I'm at Charlie's folks' home borrowing their internet connection.
Things are going very well at the new place though.  It is a really nice feeling waking up in your own home.  We worked hard today, raking leaves and building up a compost pile.  I'm hoping to do a raised bed garden in the future and will need lots of compost/mulch.
I'm absolutely in love with the property we are on.  We have deer and turkeys frequently.  They are entertaining.  We have almost 3 acres now and I've been exploring the wooded part when the weather is nice.  There are so many magical little places on the property -- there is a HUGE old oak tree out back, little clearings where the deer hang out, fallen logs with fungi growing all over, etc.
Here are a few photos of the yard...

So, we are hoping to get internet service soon so I will be able to post more often.  Be looking forward to some good recipes this winter as my new kitchen inspires me to cook.  It may be a while before my craft room is put together, but there will be projects coming out of there soon too.


Bob said...

Absolutely a beautiful piece of land. The house is comfy too. The only thing that could improve the property would be if it was located in West Michigan.

Just yesterday I was wondering if you had seen any deer yet. Now I know. Enjoy your new digs. I'll have to send you some delicious gizzard recipes to try in your new kitchen.


FlowerMomma said...

How exciting! Can't wait to come see your place.