Monday, December 28, 2009


I asked my husband if he had any ideas about what I should blog about tonight and he said "about how wonderful I am". He was joking, but I thought it was a good idea.
My husband really is a wonderful guy. Lately he has me laughing because he is addicted to a video game. He just now exclaimed "I just shot myself in the butt. Killed myself!". It is funny to me because it is a silly little game about shooting robots -- not one of those fancy Wii or Playstation games. He is a little kid in a big guy's body. I love that about him.
I like this photo of him because he looks full of mischief. Looks like he is plotting something. The cutie in the photo is his sister, "Pete".

Take a look at her, then take a look at this photo of me. I think we look a lot alike here.

Anyway, as I was saying... Charlie is a groovy guy. I might be a little biased, but I don't think so.

We had a nice Christmas. We were able to spend some quality time with both families. I could go into details, but I'm getting tired tonight and I figure the details aren't important to most folks who would read this anyway. I hope that you had a nice holiday too -- Christmas, Hanukah, solstice, etc. -- whatever you celebrate.

My next post will most likely have to do with New Years resolutions, so I'm curious if anyone out there is making a resolution this year. Leave me comments...
Also, looking for new blog subjects to write about. Anyone curious about any aspects of my life? If so, let me know...


Denise said...

I think we all had the same haircut! Did your mom cut yours too? How about blogging about hairdos? I might do that one myself. Boy did I have some doozies!

Shari said...

Yeah, I guess that haircut was popular back then -- although the photo of Charlie is from the 60's and the one of me is from the 70's. I'm not sure if mom cut my hair.
Thank you for the blog idea... I'll have to get my scanner hooked up so I can make a fool of myself. :)