Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New sofa

My parents and my brother came over this past weekend to bring us a new sofa.  Well, a "new" used sofa.  My Dad's second cousin passed away (he was elderly) and the family gave away his belongings.  It is quite comfortable and looks nice in our living room.  Dad decided it was a good place to take a little nap.
They also brought a vintage kitchen cabinet that I am going to re-finish and use in the basement to store some of my canning supplies.
We had a nice day visiting.  The yard is starting to get greener and things are coming to life.  We have tons of pine trees on our property and there are lots of baby trees coming up as well.  We went around the yard and dug up several white pine and spruce trees for them to take home and plant in their yard.
My brother assembled my fire pot that I won at work last year.  It promises many good evenings socializing with friends and family.  I can't wait.


Conny said...

I like that your Dad had to demonstrate how the sofa is used. ;>) Sounds like a wonderful weekend of visiting.

FlowerMomma said...

I love the new couch! But it's a little weird to think of you with anything other than that beautiful blue one! You've had that thing as long as I've known you!! I slept on that couch the day I met you actually! :)

Love the fire pit! Can't wait to come over for a fire!

Miss you!