Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ralphie -- the outdoors cat -- Part 2

I didn't want to post this, but Ralphie died last week.  He got very sick.  For a while it looked like he was getting better.  He had started eating again and rolling over for me like he loved to do.  Then he took a turn for the worse.  I brought him inside and put him in the basement (didn't want Sassy to get sick from him) because it was warmer down there than outdoors.  He wouldn't eat and he would barely drink.  He had a respiratory infection and was having trouble breathing.  I made an appointment for him at the vet as quickly as I could, but he passed away a few hours before his appointment.
I think he had gotten into one too many fights with other animals and got sick from an infected wound.  I'm very sad that he is gone.  He was a sweet cat.

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FlowerMomma said...

So sad. I am so sorry.