Monday, May 31, 2010

Gardening weekend

Along with spending some quality time with both sides of my family this Memorial Day weekend, I was able to finally spend some quality time in my new garden.  I've had flats of plants sitting on my kitchen table for the last few weeks that had outstayed their welcome.  I delayed hardening them off outside because of a recent tent worm infestation in our yard.  The pests are finally gone (I'm going to be prepared for them next year and stop it before things get out of hand) and the weather cooperated, so I made some progress outside.
Charlie and I constructed two 4'X8' raised beds out of some 2X10's.  Instead of pulling out the grass underneath, I placed some half-composted leaves in the bottom of the beds to cover the grass.  I then placed some bags of topsoil on top of the leaves.  The topsoil stays in the bags -- I just cut a hole out of the bag to plant in and poked holes through the bottom for drainage.  This fall when the season is over, I'm going to remove the plastic and place another layer of leaves/compost on top.  Next year I'll blend it all together and hopefully have a nice rich soil.  I'll keep adding to it until the 10 inch tall beds are full.  This is my first time I've worked with raised beds, so it will be an adventure.  I like the idea of planting things closer together and not having to weed between rows.  I'll add pictures later this week as it is raining now.

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