Sunday, August 29, 2010

Name change

I've decided to change the name of my blog.  I wanted a name that fit a little better.  I've decided on "In the Pines" for several reasons.  My blog is primarily about our home here in Michigan -- and we are completely surrounded by large beautiful pine trees.  In fact, we are on a sandy ridge that is said to run some 35 miles through mid Michigan.  It was once a Native American road and most likely a logging route after that.  I guess it is just easier to travel through pine forest than deciduous forest.
The old (1870's) folk song "In the Pines" also pops into my head a lot lately.  Although different versions are somewhat dark, I still love the song.  I imagine years ago, an Appalachian woman tended her garden while humming the tune like I do now.
So, "In the Pines" is the name for now.  The content isn't really changing at this point.  It is still about my day to day life, my garden, canning and cooking, crafts, nature and travel.  It's about our little homestead here in the pines.

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R Dean said...

That is a good name! Great pic of the Farmall....