Thursday, January 27, 2011

My favorite things

There are things that inspire me, that bring joy to my soul, or that remind me of someone special.  I've decided to share some of my favorite things when they pop into my head.  
Tonight I find myself craving the warmth of the sun.  It has been particularly cold and dreary here in Michigan lately.  I'm constantly cold and find myself somewhat depressed (seasonal affective disorder?). So, tonight as I was looking through photos from last summer, I remembered how nice it is to hang clean clothes on my clothes line.  Who would have thought that some rope between two poles would bring me joy.  But it does!  
Clean clothes hanging on the line remind me of how grateful I am to have my own washing machine now and that I don't have to go to the laundromat.  It reminds me of the fresh air and warm sun -- and the smell of the green grass and honeysuckle.  This photo reminds me of how helpful my husband was with stringing up the new rope so I could hang the clothes.  The tea towel hanging on the line was given to me by my Grandma after she embroidered squirrels and the days of the week on seven retro towels for me. 

I just cannot wait for a nice warm sunny day.  I figure two months from now and we could be getting some occasionally warm days (40-50 degrees would be amazing right now!!!).  Until then, I will just be dreaming about it.  


Emily said...

what a lovely thought and image! i ran into a photo the other day of a beautiful rainy day in springtime--everything damp and green and saturated with color. i wanted to climb right into that photo.

it's been relatively warm here lately...mid-40s mostly, and today we had hours of bright sunshine. there hasn't been snow since december. i'm ready for it to just keep getting warmer and warmer every day--none of that up and down business that happens every early spring.

starlighthill said...

Thanks for sharing all the pleasant thoughts that looking at that photo brought to mind. You drew them all together so nicely. I miss hanging clothes outside, too.
Will you take a picture of one of the towels your Grandma embroidered? I'm a fool for that sort of thing.

Flowergirl said...

I can feel exactly what you are saying. I live in IL and the winter has felt especially cold and long this year. I too can't wait to get back outside and digging in the dirt! Cheers to some 30 degree weather headed our way!

Norma from Misty Haven Alpacas said...

I need this talk and images of spring, too! We are in the middle of a dump of snow blizzard today and our plow vehicle is dead. At least it's Friday and we have all weekend to do the snowblowing with the little hand-machine.

Someone said it was 51 days until the first day of spring...(which in our neck of the woods is more like just over the hump of winter, but we can fool ourselves...).

However - it will come and it will be beautiful and there will be months where we don't have to be bundled up to go outside or struggle to get the car started...

Yes - it will come!!

Shari said...

Thank you for all of your comments. It is good to know I am not alone.

starlighthill -- I would love to take some photos of the tea towels. She gave me the squirrel set several years ago and I use them quite a bit. She just gave me another set with flowers on them for Christmas (I love homemade gifts!!!). I am going to save this set and keep them nice to mainly use for decoration. I'll post the photos soon.