Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Belated Winter Storm

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  The weather had been getting nicer day by day.  Until today.  

We are getting a "winter storm" as I write this.  We got some very wet, heavy snow earlier.  We are supposed to get a bunch of ice as well.  It's gonna be an extra-early morning for me to make sure I get to work on time.

While taking photos, I had to take shelter under one of our pine trees.  
It wasn't snowing.  It was snow-balling.  Big clumps of wet snow.  

I truly hope some Spring weather starts soon.

I've had enough of this stuff.  (But it sure is pretty!)

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Emily said...

damn, that's a kick in the pants on the second day of spring. it poured rain incredibly hard here the other day while i was trying to run errands and i was feeling miserable about it, but then i realized, "at least this isn't snow," and i felt so much better.