Friday, March 18, 2011

Free and Easy Mini Greenhouses

Forget those expensive plastic mini greenhouses you can find in stores right now to start up the seeds for your garden!  I've saved a couple of plastic clamshell containers from when we buy baked goods or produce packaged in them.  I added a little bit of seed starting mix and saturated it with water.  Plant some seeds and loosely close the lid. 

Add sunlight (for warmth) and wait...

And magically your seeds are started.  This photo is of leaf lettuce (among other things).  We'll see how things progress with them.  These greenhouses work well for growing your own micro-greens in the winter as well.
I am getting excited for the gardening season to start this year.  I've ordered all sorts of new seeds and plants to try this year.  I always have such big plans at the beginning of the season -- but usually run out of time and energy by the end of the season.  I plan to use newspaper and cardboard to mulch the veggie garden and hopefully keep the weeds down.
I am also going to be ordering some chicks within the next few weeks (with Uncle Dave because the hatchery requires a large order and I only want 5 or 6).  I can't wait!  I have to set up a brooder box and buy some supplies from Tractor Supply.  I'm nervous about going there -- I'm afraid I may end up coming home with some rabbits too.  I'm praying for strength to resist them.

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