Friday, April 8, 2011

First thing to spring to life

The rhubarb that I planted last year is making a brave appearance as the first plant to pop out of the ground.  Three of the four plants that I planted have survived, which should be more than enough rhubarb to keep my grandmother and me supplied (Grandma LOVES rhubarb!).
I haven't given up all hope on the fourth plant yet either -- I'm kinda hoping it just makes a late appearance.  Last year, Charlie managed to weed-whack it on accident.  I was hoping the root system was strong enough to make a come back this year, but it appears that it is not going to pull through.
I don't believe I will be harvesting anything from these plants this year.  You have to let rhubarb get established before you start cutting it up.
This weekend is going to turn into a work-weekend as long as the weather is agreeable.  I'm going to be working on getting my garden soil built up with compost and sheet mulch.  We also need to start building a chicken tractor and finish assembly on the coop.  Chickens are coming around the 25th!


Emily said...

cool! i've never seen a picture of rhubarb just coming up like that, it looks really neat and colorful.

The Weekend Homesteader said...

Oh, rhubarb! I wonder if it grows well in GA. I've never considered growing it, but now you have my curiosity piqued.

Shari said...

Emily -- I really never saw it come up like that before either since this is the first full year I've grown it. It is in a tight little ball and the leaves seem to be unwrapping themselves from the ball. Plants are so interesting!!!

Weekend Homesteader -- I just looked around the net and it said middle GA is the Southern limit for rhubarb to grow. It would be worth a try I suppose -- rhubarb is such a tasty plant!