Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Progress

I have been busy today!  I got up relatively early today and got right to work.  Here is what I've done:
1.  Washed the dishes
2.  Assembled my new raised bed garden - decided to stack two on top of each other instead of having two shallow ones. 
3.  Cut cardboard to fit the bottom of the raised bed then put newspaper around the edges.  
4.  After replacing a worn out garden hose and digging through the pole barn for my spray nozzle, I was able to water down the sheet mulch and get ready to build the soil.
5.  I decimated one of my compost piles.  I hauled several large loads of composted material to go into my raised beds.  I put a thick layer down on the bottom of my new one then worked some into the soil I have in my large beds.  
6.  I added 150 LBS. topsoil and a couple bags of composted manure.  I knew I would need more before I even started, but at least I got this far before noon.

7.  I went to Meijer (a Michigan based store that sells just about everything) and picked up 200 LBS. of soil and a few bags of garden hummus.  I also asked the manager of the garden center if they were throwing out some 1"X1"X6' pieces of wood that were in a bin.  He said they were and that I could have them if I wanted.  I told him I would be back later with a vehicle to pick them up.  Thank you Meijer!  You rock!
8.  I went to Tractor Supply and bought a chicken feeder, a galvanized bucket and a small cold frame.
9.  Unloaded my plunder and finished filling the new raised bed with the dirt and hummus.
10.  Assembled some shelving we bought a couple weeks ago and organized the garage.
11.  Took my 2nd shower of the day and am getting ready to go out with Charlie now that he is home from work.  Gotta pick up those wooden stakes and then going to Sears to look at an electric range.

I'm feeling accomplished!  Gotta run!

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