Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nelson Sprinkler

Last year my sprinkler was broken accidently when my friends' kids were playing with it.  One of the kids stepped on the part that moved and that was the end.  This year I found a product that replaced the old sprinkler and will certainly outlast any other sprinkler in the store.  It is a Nelson Sprinkler.

It doesn't have any moving parts, so it cannot break.  It sprays a nice large square pattern (they also have circular ones) and it is easy to move around the garden.  The sprinkler was only around $5.00 and I figure it will last forever.  What a deal!

I highly recommend these sprinklers.  Finally, a quality product for an affordable price.  I wish everything was this easy.

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Emily said...

that's awesome! i love when cheap stuff works well! my dad recently got me a fabulous hose attachment wand that i does around 8 different spray patterns, it's lightweight and easy to adjust the flow, and the most intense spray is practically like a pressure washer. it's amazing. not sure how much he paid for it though.