Friday, March 13, 2009

Chick update and other critters

Just a quick update on the chicks...
They are starting to get some wing feathers.  They look pretty odd right now and they will likely get uglier next week.  Today they were all huddled together in one huge pile.  I'm guessing they were trying to get warm under the heat lamp.  A bunch were sleeping too.  The barn was a bit cold as Uncle Dave hadn't been around to add wood to the stove for a while (I heard he was making sausage -- sounds interesting).  

After checking in on the babies, I enjoyed a little time outside enjoying the wildlife.  I heard a red-wing black bird (one of my favorite birds) across the road.  Then I heard some canada geese that were hanging out with some sea gulls in the temporary pond out back.  I also spotted two large groups of deer to the back and the side of the farmed area.  
The barn cats also visited with me.  Mama -- the black kitty with extra toes, and her two grey tiger babies were feeling frisky and playful with the almost-spring smell in the air.  The babies (who not only survived the cold winter but thrived, thanks to our generous food donations) were rolling around and tackling each other.  I hope we have some new cats join the group this year.  

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