Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another weekend in Grand Rapids

I made a trip to Grand Rapids this weekend to spend some much needed relaxation time.  I've had some stressful things going on for the last couple weeks -- but nothing that I really wanted to blog about.  I'd rather mention the good stuff in my life.  First of all, yesterday I went with my Mom to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.  Mom is a member and we get in for free.  This place has been a favorite of ours since they built it right down the street (literally) from the house we were living in.  I've included a few snapshots...

We also did a little shopping and had vegetarian burritos for a late lunch.  At night I spent some much needed quality time with my friends.  It is good to catch up with each other and sit around remembering the old days.
Things are still very wintery and cold out, but there is hope in the air.  I see little green shoots coming up in Mom's garden.  The forecast is promising 40 degrees for most of next week.
Mom and I finally sat down to order our seeds for the veggie garden.  We are a bit late I suppose, but now that I have it done I am getting excited.  We are splitting up the seed packets so we get more variety for less money.  I will write later with a list of what we got.  Right now it is lunch time, then I have to drive home.

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Chantel said...

Hi Shari,
Hope the stresses ease soon. Your photos make me feel relaxed and peaceful :)
Look forward to hearing about the seed order!