Monday, March 30, 2009

Chicken Little

The chickens are getting bigger.  They have some nice wing feathers as Dave is showing in the photo.  No, his hands aren't usually that dirty -- he had just been working in the dirt outside.  They are putting in a garage this spring and they are pulling out some raised flower beds to do so.  Anyway, the chickens have been here a total of 3 weeks now and are still doing well.
I have started a few of my seeds indoors now.  A few are sprouting up nicely.  We finally got the seeds we ordered from Burgess.  They took a very long time to ship our stuff.  Baker Creek Heirlooms had our seeds out right away.
I need to start spring cleaning soon.  I'm looking forward to having the windows open and downsizing the amount of "stuff" that we have -- or at least organizing it.
We are also starting to look around for our own property/house.  We want to get something while the market is still good and the first time home buyers tax credit is still available.  We would like some acreage to garden on and maybe keep a few animals.  Now we just have to find the perfect place...

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