Friday, February 4, 2011

After the blizzard

All photos shot Thursday morning at 9 AM after the big blizzard.  Very cold morning!  

The trees in the front yard.

Along the back side of the house (peeking out our slider).  The tracks are from Mama Kitty (I feel badly for her - she always looks so cold) and I believe the tracks at the tree line are deer tracks.

The view from the driveway of our side yard (hope to put blueberry bushes up there).

The drive in to work on Wednesday morning was horrible -- but not an option.  We were still in the middle of the blizzard.  Our road was not cleared and I was scraping the bottom of my car along the snow all the way down the road.  The highway was treacherous, but people were driving slowly and I didn't see too many accidents.  Once in town, the side streets were a mess.  The trick is to not stop moving.  Once you stop, you can't get the momentum to go forward again.  It took about an hour and a half and some white knuckles to get to work that day.  Many of my co-workers were late or didn't make it in.  People with normal jobs had the day off -- and all the schools were closed.  We haven't had a storm like that for years!
We hired our neighbor to come over and plow the driveway.  It was worth it though -- I didn't have the time or capacity to shovel 5 tons of snow off of our driveway after an 11 hour day at work and 2 1/2 hours of stressful driving to and from.  $40?  Sure!  Cheaper than a visit to the chiropractor...

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heidibelle said...

That is amazing and beautiful... a pain maybe... but gorgeous!