Friday, August 15, 2008

Foggy morning

I can't write much today but I wanted to put up a photo of the fog over the fields this morning.  This is the view I have when I am on my computer.  I just look up and see some gorgeous scenery.  And sparrows... lots of sparrows are waking up around this time of day.

I have to finish getting ready for work.  We are having a potluck today to celebrate the new class graduation (this was the class I have been helping to train).  I still have to put the cheese on the veggie pizza I'm bringing.  


Susan said...

What a gorgeous photo ! Like a painting ... it's absolutely beautiful.

FlowerMomma said...

what a beautiful sight!

Amy said...

I just love this picture. I can't believe this is what you woke up to this morning! I hope your weekend is good.


Melissa said...

What a pretty view!

Shari said...

Wow! Thank you everybody! I'm glad you like the photo.

Perhaps I should make some prints of it.