Thursday, February 5, 2009

GIzzard Stew

Yup, that's what I said... Gizzard Stew.  I promised my Dad that I would post a photo of his meaty creation on my blog.  So here you go Dad.  Your very own blog post...

Around this time he was drooling and saying "yeah baby" like Emeril would.  I can't say that I was as excited (except for the fact that Mom had quiche in the oven for us non-gizzard eatin' folk).  

"So, how did he work his magic?" you ask... well, he was kind enough to tell me what he did.  He took a pound and a half of gizzards (only $2) and pan fried them with butter and some water.  Then he added some onion and green pepper -- and I'm guessing garlic if I know my Dad.  Then cream of mushroom soup.  I'm not sure if he added any milk to the soup.  He ate it over a baked potato.  He said it was amazing -- I took his word for it.  :  )

So, there you have it.  I would have never thought I would blog about chicken gizzards.  Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot to blog about right now.  I could complain about the continued forced-overtime at work but no one likes to hear me whine.  I could talk about the weather but that is too depressing.  I haven't been creating much lately.  Oh, but I am dreaming about my garden.  I have an amazing catalogue that I must tell you about.  Actually, you should request one yourself.  Go to  Their catalogue has me convinced to buy from them this year.  It is gorgeous!  Oh, and the seeds are heirlooms which I feel strongly about.  I will try to get a good blog in this weekend on the subject.  For now, I must call my husband who has been gone all week working and then try to get some sleep.  I have another 11 hour day tomorrow -- sorry, I couldn't help but whine a little.

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Chantel said...

Hi Shari,

Your dad looks like a happy, friendly bloke :) Not sure on the gizzard, although it did look okay there cooking away in the pan! I hear you on the busy work front! It's always hard when your partner is away for work, I hate it too. I hope you get some rest on the weekend. Good luck with choosing your seeds ;)