Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vegetarian spaghetti sauce

I had time to cook today but didn't feel like making too much of a mess or getting out a cook book.  I decided a nice hearty spaghetti meal would be perfect.  I just thought I'd share how I make plain pasta sauce more satisfying...

First chop up your veggies.  Today all I had were two zucchinis.  My last onion from summer had actually frozen in my make-shift cold storage (the enclosed stairwell we have leading up to our apartment - it got awfully cold a few weeks ago and I should have brought in that onion).  Anyway, onion would have been a good addition, mushrooms are great too.  Green or red peppers, whatever.  Saute them for a while.  Now add some Morningstar Farm sausage style crumbles.  I used about a half a bag here (I am saving some to add to scrambled eggs later this week).  For those of you who have never tried meat-replacement products, I would highly recommend that you try the crumbles in a recipe.  I love them and have fed them to non vegetarians without them ever knowing.  They taste good, add a hearty texture to the recipe... oh, and they are healthier than beef or pig (and healthier FOR the cow and pig as well - lol).
Make sure you don't over cook the crumbles.  They only need to be heated up. Then I poured in the jar of garden veggie pasta sauce and added dried minced garlic (fresh would be even better) and red pepper flakes.  Stir - heat through - serve on pasta.  I had "fresh" angel hair pasta as you can see on the edge of the photo.  Yum!


Chantel said...

Sometimes it's the throw together meals are the best! :)

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Love the recipe. As a vegetarian myself, Im always looking for new ideas to make my meals more creative and tasty.Thanks for sharing :)