Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Garage progress

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that Dave and Mary (our landlords) were adding on a garage to their home.  Well, it is progressing very quickly.  I thought I would show what was going on.  The thing is massive and is going to block the nice view I had from our spare room (it is the second floor window that now faces a roof peak).  Oh well.
Charlie and I have been looking for a home of our own lately.  We aren't in any huge hurry to move (I've really enjoyed living here on the farm) but we would be stupid to pass up the current opportunity.  The market in Michigan is full of foreclosures and good buys.  Interest rates are low.  Oh, and there is a "grant" for first time home buyers this year.  We have to learn more about that and we definitely need to find a realtor (because we have no clue what we are doing).  We agree on the basics of what we want in a home, now we just have to find it.  I really want acreage (1+) to have a garden/orchard/a few animals.  I found one that I really liked the other day but Charlie is concerned about the neighborhood.  Then we saw another one with a nice house but the neighbors were trashy.  We've been cruising around on Sundays checking out any homes we can find -- this could take a while.

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