Saturday, February 13, 2010

PEMF and pizza

I went to Grand Rapids today to drop off our tax papers and to visit with my family.  It was a very quick visit.  We had just enough time to check out the treatment that has been helping my Dad recover from his stroke and then go to one of my favorite restaurants in Grand Rapids.  
PEMF -- or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy -- has been helping Dad a lot.  Dad didn't have any loss of strength or any paralysis from the stroke, but he does have problems seeing some things.  He has been getting PEMF treatments once a week and he notices the effects immediately.  He is able to see better right away.  After about 4 days things start to get worse again for him.  My Mom has a friend that just bought one of these machines (they are NOT cheap) and offered to let Dad get a midweek treatment as well.  It looks weird, and I haven't done enough research on how it works, but it has worked for Dad.  

I also got to try it out.  It felt like a muscle twitch in my tight shoulders while I was laying down on a mat with the tube running through it.  I tried the thing on my head too and it felt like a tapping or pulsing on my sinuses and my teeth.  It didn't seem to do much right away for me, but I did have a headache earlier today and now it is gone.  They say it really helps with arthritis as well.  Very interesting!

After that, we went to Marinade's.  It is a small bistro near my parent's house that I adore.  I got a calzone  with feta, kalamata olives, and crimini mushrooms.  Yum!  My Brother and Dad got meaty calzones, and Mom was more adventurous with a little pizza with lemon zest, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, etc (but no tomato sauce).  She loves that combination.  

As you can tell by the coats we were wearing, it is cold outside.  I'm sure most of the people reading this are experiencing the same thing right now -- but you never know.  Anyway, I thought I would throw in a cute picture of Angel -- another of my folks' cats.  She is a sweet heart.  She loves the window ledge above the radiators in their front room.  If I were a cat, I think I would pick that spot as well.   

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FlowerMomma said...

that pizza looks good! Nice photo of the fam too. Everybody looks great!