Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ralphie -- the outdoors cat

This cat seems to love the snow!  Luckily he has plenty of warm fur.  His first few days here were very, very cold.  I kept him in the pole barn for a week ( I didn't want him to run away or freeze to death).  Now he roams around freely and seems to stay fairly close to home.  He is extremely territorial and has been in fights with other stray cats around here.  He also doesn't really like Sassafras.  They sit on either side of the back slider and yowl and hiss at each other.  I think he is jealous of her.  Ralphie begs for food by rolling over in the path in front of me.  It is cute, and he is irresistible -- I can't say no to giving him a scrap-piece of Charlie's lunchmeat.

1 comment:

Don said...

Our outdoor cat does that same roll thing, and it is very cute!! I read somewhere that indoor cats develop mental issues!!

the pizza looks totally awesome