Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stormy Weather

Wow!  It has been pretty crazy in Michigan lately.  It seems like storm after storm have come rolling through with nice hot muggy weather in between.  

We had a pretty bad storm on Friday night and I ended up staying at work for extra hours due to power outages.  For those that don't know, I work in a call center for one of the major utility companies in Michigan.  On Sunday, Charlie and I were watching a movie and when the movie was done we noticed it was getting dark out.  It was only 4pm though.  Charlie decided to put away the lawn chairs and I decided to cut some lettuce from the garden before the rain hit.  I walked out the door and about 50 feet to the garden and then saw lightning. I turned around to see the other side of the sky that I couldn't see when I first stepped out of the house.  I saw very scary skies and the trees across the street were waving wildly and bowing over in my direction.  A split second later I got hit with a face-full of dirt and was almost blown off my feet.  A second after that I got pelted by a wall of rain flying horizontally.  Charlie and I ran back to the door and as soon as we got there we heard a huge crack from the top of the tree breaking off.  Luckily it was not a tornado - although we were ready to run to the basement.  We lost a lot of trees in the area and a electric pole down the street.  I've just never had a storm sneak up on me like that!  It was intense.

I thought for sure they would call me in to work, but my phone never rang.  I think our cell tower must have been out, because I noticed I had a message when I went to bed that night from work.  Oops.  It never rang though.  Storms are always a blast at work.  People call in wanting to charge us money for their lost food or for the hotel that they chose to go to.  I don't think that they understand the meaning of "act of God" and that they should check with their home owners insurance.  We had nothing to do with creating the tornado that ripped out your trees and our lines.  Some people just don't get it though.  Hopefully soon all the power will be back up and everyone can just call and complain about their bills like normal.  

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