Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial day weekend

This weekend I got to use my camera a little bit more and had a nice time relaxing with a friend who came to visit.  We went to the farmers market and the bakery in Frankenmuth and went shopping.  This first photo is of course from the market.  We also went fishing at Charlie's friend's pond (and caught quite a few fish).  The next two photos were shot near the pond after I got tired of fishing.  

There was also a hot air balloon event going on that we spotted on our way to my Brother in law's 40th birthday party.  We pulled over to the side of the road to get a few photos.  As the balloons drifted closer some of them started to come down.  It turns out that we picked the perfect spot as they started landing on the road right in front of us.  
I'm sad that the weekend is over -- but it was a good, long weekend.  Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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FlowerMomma said...

wow, it looks like you had a great weekend! Beautiful photos, looks like your having fun with the new camera!