Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two more from the new camera

Here are a couple more images from my new D90.  This first image was taken yesterday morning from our porch.  The birds just love this tree with all the feeders and houses.  In the fall there are thousands of berries, but right now it has the most gorgeous flowers.

The second photo was taken this morning before I went out to the Farmer's market.  I put out some slightly sour milk for the barn cats and this little guy was loving it.  I cropped out over 90% of the original photo and messed around with the saturation, contrast, etc.  I'm pretty happy with the image over all.  It isn't anything I could enlarge and print real big (because I have already cropped it quite a bit) but it gives me an idea of what I'll be able to do with this camera.

I did check out the Frankenmuth farmer's market this morning -- it was opening day.  Only about half of the normal amount of vendors were there, and of course they didn't have a bunch of stuff yet.  I didn't really care though.  I just like the feeling of being at the market.  It is hard to explain.


Mount Belly Mama said...

Okay, either you can fly or you climbed that tree to take that stunning beautiful photo. I love the cat one too. I LOVE cats!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are some amazing photos..I think I'm in love with your new camera too!! I haven't been to the Frankenmuth Farmers market yet, but I love to try to get over that way a few times throughout the season. I took a roadtrip 2 weekends ago to the Ann Arbor Farmer's was wonderful!