Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some images from the weekend

I had wanted to post this a few days ago, but life is so busy sometimes.  I went to Grand Rapids last Friday and Saturday to visit my friends and family (particularly Mom -- it was her birthday along with being Mother's day).  I thought I'd post a few snapshots.  On Friday, Mom and I and Grandma took off in the convertible and went to Everlasting Blooms.  Here is a photo of a cute planter made from a vegetable drawer from an antique fridge.  I love it!

On Saturday Mom and I went to the Farm at Quiggle Lake.  A group of my friends are farming the land and creating their own community (they sound like a bunch of hippies if you ask me -- lol -- I love you guys).  Here is the gorgeous Lily and one of their chicks.

And the sheep...
And my good friend Rich -- about to build an outhouse.
And this is just a photo of some tulips by my parent's home.

I had a great weekend, and I don't really have the time to go into details.  Basically, I got to see a lot of the people I love.  I also bought a new camera which will be the subject of my next blog.  I'm very excited but don't have time to write about it tonight.  I must get to bed.

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