Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween, etc.

It feels like a long time since my last blog.  Sorry.  Most of the time it feels like nothing new is happening around here.  Then, other times I have tried to blog but my internet was acting up.
Anyway, Autumn was beautiful -- but really short.  The leaves are basically all down and I saw snow today.  We had a beautiful frost the day before Halloween...

That same morning I took a few photos of the pigs.  They had frosty breath.  It turns out this was their last morning with us.  Later that day Dave was loading them up to go to slaughter.

The next day I got home from work and these little characters were at the house.  These are my two youngest nieces.  Lesleigh on the left (as some gal from High School Musical) and Melissa (a pokemon creature).  I didn't have any candy on hand because we don't usually get visitors on Halloween.  I gave them both an apple and $1.  Trick or Treat!

These two little creatures are the cutest puppies in the world.  Charlie's parents' dog just had pups and they are tiny and adorable.  The two girls above are taking the brown one shown below.  

Unfortunately, the calico kitten has not been seen for a couple of weeks.  I'm worried.  Dave said that he lost 3 chickens to a weasel a while back.  Could the weasel have found the kitty?  I don't know.  

Mom, Grandma and my Aunt Ruthann from California came to visit.  I took them shopping to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.  I got a couple of cute ornaments.  I will have to photograph them and post it later (perhaps on a day that I will see sunlight outside of work).

I have a job promotion prospect at work that I am so excited about!  I don't want to discuss it yet because they haven't even posted the opening.  Once it is posted and I have applied for it I will tell you more about it.  At this time, if you are the praying type, give me a hand here.  I could use all the prayers/intentions I can get for this new opportunity.  


heidibelle said...

Hey Shari, I am in Michigan now for a few weeks. We need to get together. Let me know what you have available. I'd love to see you guys.

FlowerMomma said...

awww, puppies! How cute. I am not going to show the girls that pic, or Rich either. We have too may pets in this house, I don't need them dreaming about more!

Your photos are so beautiful. I miss you and will be praying for you!