Saturday, November 29, 2008

Num Yummy

Here is a photo of the cookies Charlie made.  They are num-yummy good!
On the other hand, my zucchini bread is not good.  Well, it doesn't stack up to my Grandma's zucchini bread.  It tastes wrong and I can't put my finger on it.  I think I'll stick to growing the zucchini for Grandma.

Work was difficult today because I still have quite a cough.  Luckily they let me go after 8 hours instead of keeping me the whole 10.  After this next week they are finally reducing our shifts to 45 hours per week.  I worked 58 hours all summer and 50 hours for the last couple of months.  45 will feel like a vacation after these past 5 months.  I also applied for that job opportunity I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  I think my resume' and application will be enough to get me an interview.  I just need to do well at the interview and pray for the best.  The position is more of a trainer/coaching position between two call centers.  It would be more challenging and interesting.  It would involve a bit of travel and utilize my creativity.  Oh, how I want this job!

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Susan said...

Good luck - hope you get an interview. Did your peony print ever arrive. Sending lucky vibes and well wishes from the coast of Nova Scotia. xo, S & les Gang.