Thursday, November 13, 2008

what a nice gloomy day

It has been dreary all day - drizzly, drab, grey.  The skies must be clear now because I can see a big yellow moon out the back window.  I don't mind gloomy weather too much.  I was just happy to have the day off of work today. 
Charlie is on his way home from work right now.  I have a chicken/mushroom soup concoction in the crock pot and will be making some rice for it as well.  I'm not real sure what I'll be having yet - something that goes with rice I suppose.  It is sometimes difficult to figure out meals that will work for one omnivore and one herbivore.  I usually end up with way too much food sitting in the fridge afterwards.  Oh well.  I will certainly never complain about over-abundance... especially in today's world.  

Oh, and here are those ornaments that I got from Bronner's last weekend (see previous post).  I got the fish for Charlie - cause he likes to fish.  The pig one is for me -- I don't know why -- I was just drawn to it.  In the store Mom scolded me for putting it down after we laughed over how cute it is.  Well, I can't make Mom mad, so I bought it.  : )   Later I made her buy something she liked as well.  As much as I tell myself I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff and downsize and de-clutter I just can't seem to stop buying things.  I suppose it is a continual process of changing habits.  Anyway, I still think the pig is adorable and I don't regret getting it.  Now.... I just need a bigger Christmas tree... LOL.

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