Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's snowing!

We missed out on the snow that the rest of the state has had so far, so this is our first real snow of the year.  I like snow -- until January 1st.  I like a white Christmas and I don't even mind a white Thanksgiving.  After that the stuff can just go away for all I care.  Unfortunately it sticks around until March, April or beyond (?!?).

So, in the mean time, my crafting instincts kick in.  It usually starts with figuring out some gifts for Christmas and then a mad rush to get it all put together in time.  Then I'll probably settle into a longer project for myself in January.  By February I am usually feeling cooped up and frustrated.  In March I start day-dreaming about what I can put in a garden and start ordering seeds.  By April I will have som
e shirts and fabric tied up to be dyed as soon as it gets warm enough.  Basically, I love the harvest season and getting ready to wait out the winter -- but towards the end of winter I am pulling my hair out and wondering why I don't live in the South (or Mali, or Brazil -- anywhere but here).  Once Spring hits I forget about how much I hate winter -- and the brilliance of Michigan sways my opinion once again.  

Here is a quick snapshot out the window here at my computer desk.  Sorry for the poor quality - it is shot through the screen and glass, plus the plastic that Charlie and I hung today.  Gotta save those pennies on the propane bill.

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heidibelle said...

We drove through that snow on our way to Lansing... it was crazy but we had a safe trip... praying for you today!!!