Sunday, January 10, 2010


I put a new piece of suet in the feeder today.  It is specifically for woodpecker types of birds (because that is mostly what we get over here).  They have been loving it!  I thought I would try to snap a few photos to show you.  Above is a Red-bellied Woodpecker.  Below is a bird I haven't seen here before today.  The top is pure black, the bottom is bright white.  It was hanging out underneath the feeder, so all I can figure is that it is a Junco.  I thought they were a little lighter in color though.  Anyone have any thoughts on what it is?

Lastly, while I was checking out our turkeys this morning, I was delighted to see a half dozen Blue birds.  I thought Blue birds went away for the winter.  I have also never seen more than 2 at a time.  They were all hanging out together on the back of the house.  It looked like they were getting water from the melting snow.  Blue birds are one of my favorite birds -- so I'm thrilled!


Denise said...

Great pictures! Those bluebirds sure are pretty.

Conny said...

Those are some great bird photos! I especially like the first one with the red head. We don't really have a migrating bird population here - they seem to be the same year 'round: I could be wrong though. Thanks for posting these.