Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekend update

I had a very nice time this past weekend -- but the whole thing flew by so quickly!  I had to work on Saturday, but after work I drove to Grand Rapids to visit my family and friends.  After visiting with my parents and brother a bit in the evening,  I went to see my good friends Rich, Jen, and Amy.  It was so refreshing to be able to just sit around and talk with some like-minded individuals.  We must do it more often.
Sunday morning we (Mom, Dad, and my brother - Rob) went to a Bagel shop and had a bagel and coffee together.  Then we hung out back at their house a while until Grandma came over.  We had lunch together and sat around the table a long time talking.  Charlie was sad he missed it.  He was stuck working all weekend.
In the afternoon I hung out with my friend Dawn (and her pal Steven).  We had a good time and laughed a lot.  She made a housewarming gift for Charlie and me -- some hand towels and dish cloths.  I love homemade stuff!
I know it has taken me a while to post this - seeing it is Wednesday already.  Work has been taking a lot of my time and energy lately.  Today and tomorrow I only have to work 8 hours.  We were given the option to take a couple hours off, so I took it.  I've just been feeling run down lately and right now I'm fighting a sore throat and the starts of a cold.  Hopefully it doesn't progress into anything bad.

P.S. Dad was the one who said I should take the photo of the orchid shown above with the blue glass as a background.  I think it turned out pretty cool.


Anonymous said...
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Amy said...

I loved spending time with you :) It was a memorable night. I am going to try to blog soon...I need to pull out the ole camera and take some pictures!

Hope you are doing well!!!