Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow and Sun

What a lovely morning this has been!  The snow that fell the other day is still stuck to the trees.  I am not home during any daylight hours during the week (due to work) so I was crossing my fingers that I could get a few photos of it on the weekend.  The sun is out and the sky is a brilliant blue.  I didn't realize how deep the snow was in the backyard or I might have put on some boots before walking through it all.
I feel very lucky to have found such a beautiful piece of property.
The first photo is from our front door looking toward the road (which you can see in the lower right corner).  The photo below is in the backyard facing West.  This line of trees blocks a good amount of wind from beating on our house.  Thank you trees.

I slept in this morning because I have been running behind on my sleep this week.  We are back onto 50-58 hour weeks again.  Now that we live further away from work, I have a longer drive time.  And with the snow we had this week, I had to spend even more time driving to avoid landing in the ditch.  I'm typically gone from 7:45 AM until 8:10 PM.  This doesn't leave much time for housework, cooking (or in my case, packing a breakfast/lunch/dinner), and sleeping.  It is OK though -- the overtime pay is pretty good.
Anyway, after sleeping in, I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen and listening to my ipod on shuffle mode.  I've got to get to the store sometime today as well.  Other than that, I just plan on relaxing.  That is what Saturdays are for.

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Glenys said...

Great photo's Shari. We are toasting here in Australia. I would love to run and jump into that snow right now!! I like photography too. Not long ago I finished a course on digital cameras. I'm having trouble remembering it all I'll have to go through my notes again.