Saturday, June 6, 2009

Are you sick of these yet?

I apologize if you are sick and tired of hearing about the barn cats.  I just had to post this photo -- I think they are just adorable.  The one on the left has the most gorgeous face!  The black one is the timid one.  There are two that look like calicos (but I don't think they are true calicos) and one that is black and white (the runt, but least timid).  It appears that a couple of them have the extra toes like their mama.  Dave asked if I knew anyone that wanted a kitten.  He seems to think we have enough around here.  If you are interested... let me know.  I keep feeding them and am getting them used to human contact.  They could probably be tamed in a day or two if you want to take one home...

1 comment:

Christine said...

Kittens? Never. Cats, yes.

Hope you had better luck at your farmer's market. It is still too early here for anything much.