Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life and death

A couple of days ago, Uncle Dave killed a skunk in the backyard.  Today we realized there are babies.  They were old enough to make it on their own, but they will not be making it at all - as you can see.  I couldn't have done it myself, but I didn't have to make that choice thankfully.  He doesn't enjoy killing things, but you can't have skunks living on the farm either.
On a lighter note, the strawberries are ripening.  Here is a rare photo of Aunt Mary (right) and Joanne -- our neighbor and their partner in farming.  
I picked some strawberries tonight.  They are amazing!  I'll pick more this weekend and more jam will ensue.  
The first three peas from my garden.
I have a couple of pots with sprouts too.  Hope I can keep them alive.  


Jeff Frazee said...

My mouth just started watering when I saw those peas and strawberries!

Christine said...

Oh strawberries...I had the most luscious one at the energy fair yesterday. I can't wait to go picking! They are picking two hours south so pretty soon.

Sorry about the skunks. We give them the 2 cent pill too although I probably would have tried to relocate the babies to the forest.

Raccoons used to be a big problem. One year I had chickens disappearing all the time. One night I heard the door fall off the coop. Here the raccoons tore the door off (no lie!) and it was a mama and 5 big baby coons. 2 am my husband is out there blasting raccoons, sounded like a war zone at that hour. One was scaling the barn wall with a chicken in its mouth. I decided then and there raccoons are NOT cute. No problems since but now I also have loose dogs.

You aren't that far away. I'll take the ferry and we'll make a weekend of it ;).